Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Prohibited Content Pages for Google Adsense

Now and then we always get questions from our online readers and friends .My adsense account is banned . Even i have heard about this many a times and people sometimes loose their hard owned money cause of this .
So why does your account is banned ??
There may be many reasons for this but the main reason behind this is invalid clicks that means clicking on your own ads from your computer or some other friends computer many people suffer cause of this online own ads clicking .
Google have some of its strict policies to protect their advertisers from invalid clicks . So here is the brief overview of things you shouldn't put on your website where adsense ads are running on.

1. Adult Content:
As per google adsense policies it strictly against adult content. The google makes its ads family safe .That is adsense ads are not allowed on any pornographic sites, Sites which contains adult videos, Images or even adult stories. You are not able to place even search boxes of google adsense on such adult content sites .

2. Content Advocates Against Indivdual,Group or Organisation.
Google believes strongly in the freedom of expression , But also reserves the right to exercise discretion and protects adwords advertisers. Sites that are biased against individuals, groups or individuals based on race, religion,disability,sex,political affiliation etc.

3. Pages With Copyrighted Contents
Google adsense is not allowed to put their ads on the pages which contains copyrighted content of other websites or organisation. Such as mp3 s ,comics , books or softwares which are protected by copyrights . Unless you have legal rights to do so.

4. Drug, Alcohol And Tobacco Related Content.
Adsense ads are not allowed to put on the webpages which contains the content about drugs,alcohol or tobacco related contents . So if you run website regarding this stuffs please do not run adsense ads on this pages you will be surely blocked by adsense within some couple of days . You should not even put links to websites which do not follow this policy.

5.Gambling Content
Google adsense ads are not allowed to run on sites which run gamblings or casino related things. Eg if your site accepts money in form of bets then you do not put ads on your site.

6. Hacking & Cracking Content
Placement of google ads are not allowed which provides content or tutorials on hacking and cracking. That might tamper or provide illegal access to softwares ,websites banks etc.

7. Sites That Offers Pay To Programs
Some sites which provides paid to click programs or paid to view content or read emails kinda sites. Such sites may bring invalid google adsense impressions or clicks that's why this sites are not allowed to join in google adsense program.

8. Sites That Use Google Brand Features
Sites which do use google trademark logos ,screenshots or other features are not allowed as per google policies . Unless you have legal rights or permission from google to do so you are not allowed to put their trademarks on your sites .

9. Violent Contents
Google adsense are not allowed to run on websites which contains violent contents . including pictures or bloodsheds, murders or fights . Contents which may be harmful for childrens on such webpages adsense is not allowed .

10.Weapon Related Content
Adsense strictly prohibit its advertising on sites which display information on weapons and sites which are in business of weapon dealings . Or sites which deals with fireworks.

11. Other Contents

Publishers are not permitted to place ads on content related to the production of false legal documents, such as fake IDs, passports, social security cards, or immigration papers. In addition, ads may not appear on sites dedicated to the sale or distribution of term papers or other materials that promote fraudulent activity. Sites that drive traffic to or provide instructions about manufacturing counterfeit or replica designer goods are also not permitted in the AdSense program.

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