Wednesday, 27 November 2013

New Cydia Repo!

A new Cydia repo has launched that contains great apps, such as Display Recorder, for free. This apps and tweaks come cracked and fully functional.

Add this repo in Cydia today:

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Crack iOS Apps using Rasticrac

From this repo install the following packages in cydia: [ ]

GNU Debugger (iOS 5&6)
Rasticrac (will install quite a few dependencies from the standard Cydia repo)

Search Cydia for the following packages and also install:


Optional Installs to make life easier:

AutoLock SBSettings

Ok so you have installed all the required tools you are ready to custom.

At your cmd prompt type the following command: [MobileTerminal, Etc...]

rasticrac -m

This will now list all the encrypted applications that are installed on your device, it will list the application with a number, letter or combination of both at the side depending on how many apps you have installed.
At the prompt type in the App/s you wish to custom using the corresponding number/letter from the side of the apps name.

Rasticrac will now begin to work its magic and custom the app/s you have chosen. You will notice that Rasticrac speaks to you as it is cracking applications . You have just custom an iOS app using Rasticrac. 

The custom app/s are placed in:


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